Marah, Angels of Destruction!


由 Dave Bielanko 成立於 1990 年的美式搖滾樂團,初期都在費城、賓州及紐約布魯克林演出,精彩的現場演出功力以及專輯的古典搖滾曲風都讓人對 Marah 印象深刻。

Marah, Angels of Destruction!

Marah’s sixth album, Angels of Destruction!, finds the kids from Philly in a brave new world: new sobriety, new members and of course, new songs. Culled from a Niagara-like output of songs over the past year, Angels of Destruction! is, as David Bielanko puts it, “…the tip of the iceberg and the bottom of the well.” Musically, AOD! is Marah doing what Marah does. The album swings with abandon and rocks with greasy soul, all the while paying its respects to the guy-and-a-guitar simplicity that lives at the heart of every rock n’ roll song. The title track is a propulsive chilled-out rocker that hints at the larger themes of the album: religion, redemption, destruction and joy. Much like this song and Marah as a whole, AOD! is a phoenix rising from the ashes. It is a jumbo jet slamming the earth in a contorted heap. It is everything and nothing at once. It is rock n’ roll.

Marah 的第六張專輯,聽起來依舊沒有搖滾樂那種令人壓迫的情緒,反倒是輕快的曲風能讓人跟著放鬆,可惜的是台灣似乎沒有販售。


  1. Coughing Up Blood
  2. Old Time Tickin’ Away
  3. Angels On A Passing Train
  4. Wild West Love Song(推薦)
  5. Blue But Cool
  6. Jesus In The Temple(推薦)
  7. Santos De Madera(推薦)
  8. Songbirdz
  9. Angels Of Destruction!(推薦)
  10. Can’t Take It With You…
  11. Wilderness