Facebook 得知 Save MySQL! 活動網站,起因是 Sun 收購了 MySQL,而 Oracle 又併購了 Sun,所以擔心 MySQL 不再以 GPL 授權方式開源繼而舉辦請願活動。

身為 MySQL 用戶之一的我,當然就跟著湊熱鬧下去了,只是請願書上的國家清單不意外地寫明著「Province of China」,雖然現在政府極端親中、想將台灣送給中國(不是賣哦!),但只要還沒實現的一天,我就要持續抗議請求更正!

信件內容我拿之前寫給 IMF 的來用,有興趣的也隨手一信寄到 [email protected] 吧!

In the following link of your website, you mistakenly list Taiwan as “Taiwan, Province of China”, which indicates that Taiwan is part of China.
Would you please remove “Province of China” from the list?


Taiwan is an independent country with its own government, elections, currency, army, and defined territory.
Taiwan negotiates its own treaties with the United States.
It is obvious that Taiwan is not part of China.

So, again, would you please remove “Province of China” from Taiwan in the by country page?

Thank you very much for your concern.

Essoduke Chang
Kaohsiung, Taiwan